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SEE Regulations replace/supplement WCA Regulations


Speecubing Extra Events SEE Regulations
World Cube Association WCA Regulations

Extra events

1-Man Mini Guildford Challenge
2-Man Mini Guildford Challenge
2x2x2 One-Handed
2x2x2 Pyramorphix
2x2x2-4x4x4 Relay
2x2x2-7x7x7 Relay
2x2x3 Tower
3-Man Mini Guildford Challenge
3x3x2 Domino Cube
3x3x3 Bets
3x3x3 Blindfolded One-Handed
3x3x3 Cubes Under Water
3x3x3 Each Handed
3x3x3 Rescramble
3x3x3 Scrambling
3x3x3 Team-Blind
3x3x3 With Feet
3x3x3 With Oven Mitts
4x4x4 One-Handed
4x4x4 With Feet
8x8x8 Cube
9x9x9 Cube
Clock Scrambling
Curvy Copter
Dino Cube
Face-Turning Octahedron
Ivy Cube
Master Pyraminx
Mirror Blocks
Mirror Blocks Blindfolded
Redi Cube
Scrambling All WCA Puzzles
Siamese Cubes 1x1x3
Team cup
Ten 3x3x3 Cubes

3x3x3 Team-Blind

The event is held under the WCA Regulations for the 3x3x3 Cube event with changes:

  • 1. Before the attempt, the competitors decide who will solve the puzzle (solver) and who will instruct them (caller).

    • 1.1. They must tell the judge who does what before each attempt.
  • 2. Unlike 3x3x3 Blindfold event, no sight blockers will be placed between the solver and the cube. Because of this, the solver should place the cube so that the blindfold is clearly obstructing the line of sight. Penalty: disqualification of the attempt (DNF).

    • 2.1. The SEE Delegate may disqualify an attempt for any suspected activity.
  • 3. The solver puts on a blindfold before inspection and doesn't remove it until the end of the solve (the timer is stopped). Penalty: disqualification of the attempt (DNF).

  • 4. Both competitors may touch the cube during inspection.

  • 5. After the solver starts the timer, only the solver may touch the cube and the timer. Penalty: disqualification of the attempt (DNF).

  • 6. Physical contact between the competitors is not allowed. Penalty: disqualification of the attempt (DNF). Exception: If no physically suggestive actions have been applied (+2 seconds) may be assigned instead, at the discretion of the judge.

    • 6.1. If more than one physical contact between the competitors happened penalty is only disqualification of the attempt (DNF).
  • 7. Both competitors may talk at any time.


There are 2 members in a team.

3x3x3 Team-Blind
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