Speedcubing Extra Events


SEE Regulations replace/supplement WCA Regulations


Speecubing Extra Events SEE Regulations
World Cube Association WCA Regulations

Extra events

1-Man Mini Guildford Challenge
2-Man Mini Guildford Challenge
2x2x2 One-Handed
2x2x2 Pyramorphix
2x2x2-4x4x4 Relay
2x2x2-7x7x7 Relay
2x2x3 Tower
3-Man Mini Guildford Challenge
3x3x2 Domino Cube
3x3x3 Bets
3x3x3 Blindfolded One-Handed
3x3x3 Cubes Under Water
3x3x3 Each Handed
3x3x3 Rescramble
3x3x3 Scrambling
3x3x3 Team-Blind
3x3x3 With Feet
3x3x3 With Oven Mitts
4x4x4 One-Handed
4x4x4 With Feet
8x8x8 Cube
9x9x9 Cube
Clock Scrambling
Curvy Copter
Dino Cube
Face-Turning Octahedron
Ivy Cube
Master Pyraminx
Mirror Blocks
Mirror Blocks Blindfolded
Redi Cube
Scrambling All WCA Puzzles
Siamese Cubes 1x1x3
Team cup
Ten 3x3x3 Cubes

Clock Scrambling

  • 1. Judge has a paper with a "clean" side and with side with scramble.

  • 2. Judge puts paper scramble-side up and starts the stopwatch.

  • 3. Competitor has 15 seconds to inspect scramble.

    • 3.1. He / she can touch this paper and clock.
  • 4. Competitor starts timer and scrambles the puzzle.

  • 5. After competitor stops timer, the judge must verify that the clock is scrambled correctly (including pins).

    • 5.1. If one or more moves are required to bring the clock to its scrambled state, the result of the attempt is a DNF.

Clock Scrambling
Main event setting
Example scrambles
Example scorecards