Speedcubing Extra Events


SEE Regulations replace/supplement WCA Regulations


Speecubing Extra Events SEE Regulations
World Cube Association WCA Regulations

Extra events

1-Man Mini Guildford Challenge
2-Man Mini Guildford Challenge
2x2x2 One-Handed
2x2x2 Pyramorphix
2x2x2-4x4x4 Relay
2x2x2-7x7x7 Relay
2x2x3 Tower
3-Man Mini Guildford Challenge
3x3x2 Domino Cube
3x3x3 Bets
3x3x3 Blindfolded One-Handed
3x3x3 Cubes Under Water
3x3x3 Each Handed
3x3x3 Rescramble
3x3x3 Scrambling
3x3x3 Team-Blind
3x3x3 With Feet
3x3x3 With Oven Mitts
4x4x4 One-Handed
4x4x4 With Feet
8x8x8 Cube
9x9x9 Cube
Clock Scrambling
Curvy Copter
Dino Cube
Face-Turning Octahedron
Ivy Cube
Master Pyraminx
Mirror Blocks
Mirror Blocks Blindfolded
Redi Cube
Scrambling All WCA Puzzles
Siamese Cubes 1x1x3
Team cup
Ten 3x3x3 Cubes

Scrambling All WCA Puzzles

The main goal of a competitor - scramble 11 WCA puzzles:

2x2x2 Cube, 3x3x3 Cube, 4x4x4 Cube, 5x5x5 Cube, 6x6x6 Cube, 7x7x7 Cube, Megaminx, Square-1, Skewb, Clock, Pyraminx.

For each puzzle competitor has one attempt with time limit in 4 minutes.


The final result of the attempt is sum of all 11 attempts, also DNF and DNS counting as 4 minutes.

Before start attempt competitor MUST has all 11 puzzles which he / she wants to scramble. If competitor hasn't any puzzle, results of it equals DNS.


Process of scrambling one puzzle:

Judge has a paper with a "clean" side and with side with scramble. Judge puts paper scramble-side up and starts the stopwatch. Competitor has 15 seconds to inspect scramble. He / she can touch this paper and puzzle.

Competitor starts timer and scrambles the puzzle. After competitor stops timer, judge compares net of puzzle and scrambled puzzle. If one move is required to bring the puzzle to its scrambled state, the result of the attempt is a DNF.


Time penalties for the puzzles of the attempt are cumulative.

Scrambling All WCA Puzzles
Main event setting
Example scrambles
Example scorecards