Speedcubing Extra Events

Speedcubing: Extra Events

SEE organizes events that are not currently held by the WCA. The organization of these events is based on the WCA Regulations and SEE Regulations.

SEE is a non-profit organization (not yet officially registered).


Main events - WCA events.

Extra events (EE) - SEE events.

Unofficial events - those held by other organizers with their own regulations.

SEE Delegate (or Delegate of Extra Events) - the person responsible for the organization of extra events.


Website: SpeedcubingExtraEvents.org


Article 1: Extra Event Qualification


1.1. Scrambles. Scrambles for each event are generated by WCA or SEE software (e.g. TNoodle). Competitors must not have information about the scrambles before any of their attempts.

1.2. Regulations. Each event must either have a description or a summary of its differences from an existing WCA event that is similar in nature. If necessary, event regulations may be translated into the language of the country, where the event is held.

1.3. Introduction of a new event. New events are to be discussed by SEE Delegates. The final decision is made by the SEE Senior Delegate team.

1.4. WCA events. If an extra event becomes a WCA official event, it will no longer be held by SEE. If an event loses official status in the WCA, it may be introduced as a SEE event. Old WCA rankings of said event may be imported into SEE.

1.5. Requests for new events. Any SEE Delegate may request a new event to be introduced, but only if it can be shown to have value in speedcubing and if it will be held immediately at at least one upcoming competition.

1.6. Results. The result of any attempt is the final time shown on the timer or stopwatch. A format with a number followed by a time is also possible (i.e. like the 3x3x3 Multi-Blind event in the WCA).

1.7. Teams. In team events all team members may compete.

1.8. Dependency. The result of a competitor (team) must not be dependent on other competitors (teams). Exception: Team Cup.


Article 2: Organization of Extra Events 

Article 2.1: A SEE Delegate is present at the competition

2.1.1. The organizer of the competition sends a request for an event (events) to be held at their competition to request@speedcubingextraevents.org.

2.1.2. Registration on the website as well as registration at the venue is possible.

2.1.3. Extra events can be included in the main schedule (e.g. Sariki in Moscow 2020). Parallel organization is also possible (e.g. YJ Fest Moscow 2019), however the first option is strongly preferred.

2.1.4. Multiple extra events may be held at the same time and multiple rounds of any event may be held.

2.1.5. A Senior or Middle SEE Delegate creates the competition page on SEE and sets everything up. Junior Delegates need to have this done by a Senior SEE Delegate.

2.1.6. All competition results become part of the main SEE rankings.

2.1.7. All results from the competition may be removed from the main rankings if the Senior Delegate team deems its organization to have had major flaws.

Article 2.2: A SEE Delegate is not present at the competition

2.2.1. The WCA Delegate of the competition sends a request to a SEE Senior Delegate seniordelegates@speedcubingextraevents.org.

2.2.2. Registrations through the website as well as registrations on the spot are allowed.

2.2.3. SEE events must be part of the main schedule. For parallel organization of SEE events and WCA events there must be a separate WCA Delegate watching over extra events.

2.2.4. Multiple extra events must not be held in parallel.

2.2.5. Multiple rounds of extra events are not allowed.

2.2.6. Only extra events marked as similar to WCA events in their organization procedures are allowed to be held.

2.2.7. A Senior SEE Delegate registers the competition, sets it up and generates the scrambles.

2.2.8. The competition is held outside of the main rankings.

2.2.9. If the WCA Delegate shows Senior SEE Delegates that the extra events were held properly and according to SEE Regulations within two weeks after the competition, the results may be added to the main rankings. They can prove this by writing a detailed report on the SEE website.

2.2.10. Filming of the organization of extra events is strongly recommended.  

Article 2A: Addition to Articles 2.1 and 2.2:

2a.1. All extra events need to be included in the schedule on the WCA page of the competition in the following format: [time] Extra Event: EVENT_NAME.

2a.2. There must be an "Extra Events" section on the WCA page of the competition with information about extra events and links to the registration page on speedcubingextraevents.org.

(NIS Aktobe Cube Days 2020 is a good example).


Article 3: Registration for extra events

  Possible options for registering a competitor to extra events:

3.1. The competitor registers himself/herself. The registration must be open and they must already be registered to the same competition on the WCA website.

3.2. A SEE Delegate registers the competitor. The competitor must already be registered to the same competition on the WCA website.

3.3. A scoretaker or a SEE Delegate registers the competitor when entering the results. Registration on the spot must be turned on and the competitor must already be registered to the same competition on the WCA website.

3.4. A SEE Delegate registers the competitor when entering the results. Registration on the spot must be turned on and the competitor must have a WCA ID.


Article 4: SEE Delegacy

Trainee Delegate - organizes extra events with the help of a Senior Delegate.

Junior Delegate - organizes extra events, can create a competition page only with the help of a Senior Delegate.

Middle Delegate - organizes extra events.

Senior Delegate - organizes extra events and edits information related to any SEE competition.

4.1. All SEE Delegates must send reports within 2 weeks of the SEE competition they organized.


Procedures not outlined in this document are to be carried out according to WCA Regulations.