Speedcubing Extra Events

SacCubing IX 2020

Date Jan 25 - 26, 2020
City United States, Carmichael, California
Page on the WCA website SacCubing IX 2020
SEE Delegate

Brandon Harnish

Extra events Face-Turning Octahedron
Competitors 2

Face-Turning Octahedron / Results

Registered competitors 2
Format Average of 5
Limit 10 min 0 sec

SacCubing IX 2020

Face-Turning Octahedron

Final Round (time limit: 10:00.00)

Scramble Set A (from csTimer.net)


  1. U BR' B D' R D' F B BR' L BL' L' F L' BR' F D' BL D BR' U' D B BR' F'

  2. L' D' BL' B' U' BL B R D' BR U' BL R L' U BL L' BR' U L' B F BL' R B'

  3. R' B BR' R' B' F L B' D BR U' D' B BL B F' BR D BL' R' BR' R' BR F' U'

  4. U B' BR' U' D BR' D' BR B' BR U R' U BL' F U R' D B BR BL B' L R' F

  5. L' BL' R L' U D' F' U' F D R' U' D' L R' U B R' L' F B' D' BR' U F

Example scrambles
Example scorecards
# Name Average Best Citizen of Solves
1 Ben Streeter 43.24 WR 35.75 WR United States 39.84 43.64 46.23 35.75 49.37
2 Brandon Harnish 59.91 50.00 United States 50.00 1:03.58 58.71 DNF 57.43