Speedcubing Extra Events
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Novosibirsk Tech Library 2019

Date Oct 11 - 12, 2019
City Russia, Novosibirsk
Page on the WCA website Novosibirsk Tech Library 2019
SEE Delegate

Nikita Razzamazov

Extra events
3x3x3 Rescramble
Ivy Cube
Competitors 13

3x3x3 Rescramble / Results

Limit of competitors 12
Registered competitors 10
Format Mean of 3
Cutoff 2 min 0 sec
Limit 2 min 30 sec
Example scrambles
Example scorecards
# Name Mean Best Citizen of Solves
1 Maxim Brednev 1:01.51 CR 56.62 CR Russia 1:03.97 56.62 1:03.93
2 Dmitriy Shevchenko 1:56.10 Russia 1:56.10 DNF DNF
3 Vladislav Korovin 2:03.54 Russia 2:03.54
Danila Lebedev DNF Russia DNF
Denis Gromov DNF Russia DNF
Dmitriy Kukuev DNF Russia DNF
Leonid Balaganskiy DNF Russia DNF
Leonid Zakharov DNF Russia DNF
Mikhail Ivashechkin DNF Russia DNF
Nikita Razzamazov DNF Russia DNF

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